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HIGH FASHN single "Alkemist" is a sample of what can be expected from ALKMY KOLLECTIVE's trapsoul focused pack. Carefully chosen samples from inspiring melodic elements to soulful vocal performances sets the vibe for your creative spark to your journey.

Included is every stem for complete customization and the summed stems into a professionally mixed beat ready for instant creation.
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ALKMY Singles
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Your Vision

Featured Pack: HIGH FASHN Vol. 1

By ALKMY Kollective

Sample Packs Include:

10 Original Melody Loops w/ Stems

10 Original Drum Loops

10 Original Top Loops

10 Original Bass Loops

Inside ALKMY Packs
The Beat
Professionally mixed, cleared samples, royalty-free, unlimited license, fully arranged beats.
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Each pack has melody stems that feature chords, melodic lines and motifs that will hook listeners the moment you play your beat.
ALKEMIST Keys Sample
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ALKEMIST Vocal Sample
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Find your flow with our versatile and dynamic drum sounds, ranging from live acoustic percussion to hard-hitting trap drums
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Low-end frequencies that set the mood. 808s, electric bass, or synth - each bass track is meant to fit the exact vibe you want.
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Choose your pack
You know your vision, you’ve heard the tools that will create it. Now choose your pack and start creating GOLD.
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Our Knowledge:

Our team of professionals combines extensive experience in music production with a deep understanding of the industry's latest trends and techniques, and we're dedicated to continuously improving our skills in this rapidly evolving industry. We've honed our skills through years of working with both commercial and independent artists, allowing us to create sample packs that cater to the needs and aspirations of musicians and producers, regardless of what YOUR VISION is.
Your Vision:

Every artist has their own creative vision and goals. We see our role as helping to bring that vision to life in the most authentic and effective way possible. We understand modern artists have their own preferred style and musical approach, So we provided sounds with the flexibility to help turn their ideas into reality. Our knowledge serves one specific purpose: help artist create music that truly reflects the story, voice, emotion and message they wish to share to the world while removing the obstacles and limitations that restrict the manifestation of YOUR VISION.